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YES Secretariat extends closing date

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The YES Secretariat wishes to inform the general public, partner agencies, and particularly applicants (prospective and otherwise) that the secretariat will continue to receive applications from qualified Ghanaian youth up until 28th November, 2014, despite the expiry of the earlier publicized deadline.

This is to allow for greater participation and involvement of Ghanaian youth at all centralized and decentralized levels (national, regional and district). Applications already received are being processed for consideration by the YES select panel and will be duly notified through official correspondence channels.

The extension of the deadline is also to facilitate the establishment of the requisite YES focal desks at regional and district levels. This is to ensure inclusiveness and effective nationwide coverage of the YES Initiative as envisaged in its core principles and objectives.

During the extension period, the YES Secretariat will be fully engaged in strengthening its national and regional structures to ensure effective implementation of its programmes. The roll out of its programmes will be communicated primarily on its official website and through periodic official releases such as this.

Extensive consultation with regional administrative heads & personnel is ongoing. Such broad consultation & orientation is designed to effectively:

    1. Clarify the programmes, processes and core objectives of the YES Initiative and thus address undue distortions and miscommunication at all levels.
    2. Facilitate & sustain nationwide participation, transparency and ownership of the YES Initiative.

The secretariat will issue a more comprehensive official statement in due course.

In the meantime we encourage all Ghanaian Youth to take advantage of the opportunities provided through this unique, youth-targeted initiative.


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