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YES to launch Rural Entrepreneurship Activation Program (REAP)

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Youth Enterprise Support (YES) will commence an entrepreneurship development program that is targeted specifically at the rural youth in Ghana.

This has been necessitated by the discovery that youth development in the rural areas is more than ever before linked to entrepreneurship.

In the Socio-politically sense, rural youth entrepreneurship development can be seen as the key strategy to prevent rural unrest and reduce rural-urban migration; improve farm earnings; or as an employment possibility which provides autonomy, independence and a reduced need for social support.

Promoting entrepreneurship is seen as the central force of economic growth and development, without it other factors of development will be wasted or frittered away.

However, the acceptance of youth entrepreneurship as a central development force by itself will not lead to rural development and the advancement of rural enterprises. What is needed in addition is an environment enabling entrepreneurship in rural areas.

This enabling environment fits into the mandate of Youth Enterprise Support (YES) in developing and promoting youth entrepreneurship. By identifying youth entrepreneurs in rural areas who possess creative ideas that can be transformed into businesses, YES will be able to extend our initiative to the most remote communities in Ghana.

The program to be known as the Rural Entrepreneurship Activation Program (REAP), will seek to build capacity of the youth to transform their lives and the entire rural community through business support and advisory services, start-up funding, training and mentorship programs that YES provides.

The Rural Entrepreneurship Activation Program (REAP) will focus on identifying and stimulating local entrepreneurial talent and subsequently, the creation and growth of indigenous companies. This in turn would create jobs and add economic value to a region and community and at the same time keep scarce resources within the community.

The program aims at stimulating an autonomous entrepreneurial process, as well as a dynamic entrepreneurship, thereby ensuring continuous rural development. Thus, the rural youth entrepreneur will be prepared to stay in the rural area and contribute to the creation of local wealth.

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