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President Akufo-Addo to Launch NEIP

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The National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Plan (NEIP) is a flagship policy initiative of the government of Ghana with the primary objective of providing an integrated national support for start-ups and small businesses. NEIP primarily focuses on providing business development services; startup incubators and funding for young businesses to enable them grow and become successful.

The ultimate aim of NEIP is to enable entrepreneurs, empower innovation and accelerate job creation for Ghana’s teeming unemployed youth.








 Startup businesses will be hand held to survive the initial pitfalls of entrepreneurs. It is a deliberate and conscious effort to provide young businesses with the tools and support they need to become successful.



  • To work with at least 20 INCUBATION HUBS across the nation. Beneficiaries will be from all manner of fields and sectors.
  • About 10,000 young entrepreneurs shall be incubated throughout the year. Incubation will include aggressive skills development and training for various industries. Training and incubation will be on needs assessment basis.





  • Number of direct businesses generated per annum by ‘incubatees’
  • Number of people employed per business per annum
  • Quality of entrepreneurs trained and ability to survive after incubation series



  • Creation of  sustainable employment
  • Income generation and Revenue for  companies
  • Skills transfer and a new wave of entrepreneurs
  • Economic empowerment



MODULE TWO: - NEIP INDUSTRIALIZATION PLAN (Greenhouse project & Ten Sub-contracting industries).

This is a deliberate and ambitious approach to farm fruits and vegetables in a controlled environment. It is a farm activity laced with technology, not dependent on rain but with amazing financial rewards. It has high impact in the sustainable jobs space and there is already an off-take from several companies both local and abroad.


  • 1000 Green House Domes (100 per region) 
  • Creation of ten sub-contracting industries  nationwide

 Measurement Indicators

  • No of sustainable jobs created
  • Development of a Green House farming Ecosystem
  • Revenue Generation from harvest sales.
  • Import Substitution for fruits and vegetables
  • Export Drive for fruit and vegetables


  • Creation of 10,000 direct jobs through Green House farming (ten sustainable jobs per dome)
  • Creation of 4,000 indirect jobs (sustainable jobs through producing raw materials and installation of Greenhouse domes)
  • Transfer of skills and new technology in fruits and vegetable production
  • Improved standards in farming and marketing of fruits and vegetables



This fund is dedicated to youth in entrepreneurship. It exists as a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) to fund Young business as they cannot not access funding from banks and other financial institutions. 


  • Expected to realize GH¢10,000, 000 for the first year
  • Providing financial support for 200 scalable businesses per annum.

 Measurement Indicators

  • The sustainability of the fund through prudent investments
  • Number of entrepreneurs funded and the return on investment
  • Number of sustainable jobs created by the beneficiaries of the fund  


  • Establishment of  Sustainable businesses
  • Creation of sustainable jobs 
  • Income generation and Revenue for businesses 
  • Economic empowerment of Ghana’s new entrepreneurial belt



Early stage business hunting and competitions to be selected for both funding and incubator hubs. This module is very critical for Business Development.


Ten main sectors will receive premier attention.

•        Agri- Business and Agro- Processing

•        Information Communication Technology

•        Sports, Tourism and Recreation

•        Sanitation, Waste management, Green and Ecological Businesses

•        Health, Food and Beverages

•        Fashion (Clothing & accessories) and Beauty

•        Media, Marketing and Communication

•        Manufacturing and Industrial Processing

•        Real Estate and Construction

•        Transport, Logistics, Business and Professional Services

 Business Competitions would be run in Phases across the country on regional basis and then scaled up to national levels after which winner will receive appropriate and adequate funding.

•        This module will also champion the National Youth Entrepreneurship Week (NYEW), an annual ‘festival’ of young entrepreneurs.  

•        National Business Dialogue (NBD)- A platform for Start-ups and SMEs to meet  well established business in Ghana for mentorship and growth opportunities.


Sustainable ideas to fuel job creation

Sharpening the competitive edge of budding entrepreneurs

Bringing academia, established businesses and young geniuses together





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